All Onsite Volunteers Must Provide Proof of Vaccination

On September 22, 2021 a new King County Executive Order (ACO-8-28-EO) was issued to address COVID-19 safety issues. The Order requires all county contractors and volunteers working onsite (Workers) at Executive branch agencies to be fully vaccinated if the work is required to be performed in person and on site.

As a grantee through the Best Starts for Kids levy, EBC – Eastside Baby Corner is considered a contractor for King County. Per King County, the term “worker” in this instance includes both staff and onsite volunteers. The order applies to volunteers, ages 12 and up, who come to EBC as an individual, family, or through a corporate or civic group, as well as those who volunteer on a regular basis (core volunteers).

EBC employees will be checking in with volunteers before their first shift to verify their vaccination status by viewing their vaccination card, State of WA certificate or photo of their card.

EBC received the determination on November 23, 2021 that the Executive Order applied to our organization.

The intent of the mandate is to keep providers, staff, volunteers, and community members safe and healthy under the circumstances. There currently is no date for when the mandate will be lifted.

Questions? Please contact Jack Edgerton, Executive Director, at