Safe Sleep Awareness

During the month of October, organizations across the country promote safe-sleep practices as a part of SIDS Awareness Month lead by The Safe to Sleep Campaign.

At EBC we take particular concern for this topic by investing in sleep sacks and bedding to distribute for infants under 12 months old that meets consumer safety standards, as well as engage in opportunities to educate on creating safe-sleeping environments.

When our providers order infant sleepwear and bedding from EBC for a family, we include an information pamphlet on how to setup a safe sleeping environment for their child.  It points out safe practices such as having parents place babies on their backs to sleep or nap, keeping a baby’s sleeping area separate from the parents (but in the same room), and explains proper bedding for infants like tightly fitted sheets.

Over recent years, SIDS and other sleep related infant-deaths have been declining however, unsafe bedding still remains a leading cause of infant mortality.  EBC’s concern for the safety of all children starts even when they are first born, learn more about Safe Sleep and how you can keep your baby snoozing soundly:

Safe Sleep For Your Baby