Giving 15,000 kids annually what they need to thrive!

For over 30 years, KidVantage volunteers have been the foundation of this organization.  With out the hours of support they provide, we wouldn’t be where we are today.  From collecting donations, spreading awareness, to preparing orders of essential goods for families, their hands are the ones ensuring we can reach kids in our community.  During National Volunteer Week we are extra grateful as we reflect on the hours, days, months, or years of service our supporters have given us.

In 2022, across 3 hubs, KidVantage Volunteers gave over 21,000 hours of service:

Issaquah Hub:

    • 13,413 hours
    • 2,496 volunteers (unduplicated)

Shoreline Hub:

    • 1,987 hours
    • 313 volunteers (unduplicated)

Bremerton Hub:

    • 2,911 hours
    • 377 volunteers (unduplicated)

Community and Core Volunteers are central in accepting and sorting donated goods, preparing orders, and assisting with stock storage, repair, distribution, and other tasks.  Thank you for the work that you’ve done and the support you have shown.  Because of this, our community is a better place, and will continue to become better!