You can make a big difference in a child's story.

One of our families recently got a bag of clothes for their toddler, who didn’t have anything.  To be able to relieve the financial stress of having to buy him all new clothes was a great gift.  He also dearly loved one of the toys it came with, a tiger flashlight that roars when you turn the light on.  He’s been walking around with it for several days, shining the light and make roaring noises.  Thank you again for all you do.  You help so many families in their greatest times of need.” – shared by a Provider Partner

Kids can just be kids when they have the things they need...

That is the focus of the work you can make possible— you help us do this as a reoccurring donor by building a foundation of support over time.  Your regular gift throughout the year makes our services reliable.  Thank you!

As a community-based organization, we want to keep our Cornerstone Members in the loop about our services:

  • Special email series about key KidVantage stories
  • Quarterly KidVantage newsletter sent to your mailbox
  • Invitation to a Q & A with our executive director (via Zoom or in person)
  • Seating next to staff, volunteers, or partners for you and a friend at our (free to attend) annual luncheon.  Learn more about Thrive here.

It’s easy to join, click the button below and choose any gift amount at any frequency.

Member Impact Story...

“We began a regular monthly donation to KidVantage about 3 or 4 years ago when we read about the need for a sufficient supply of diapers to be distributed to families in need.  Learning that KidVantage’s funds allowed them to negotiate attractive pricing from diaper manufacturing companies, we were pleased recently and double our monthly contribution.”

Marty & Karen Smith, Cornerstone Members

Cornerstone FAQs

How do I join Cornerstone? 
Cornerstone Members are donors who give recurring gifts at any amount, monthly or quarterly.  If you would like to join, go to this link that allows you to setup your gift parameters.

How can I update my contact information? 
Contact Kim at (425)372-7533 (direct) or email with your updated contact information.

Can I change the amount or end my recurring gift? 
Yes, contact Kim at (425)372-7533 (direct) or email and she will make sure to adjust your giving amount and/or frequency or end your gift.

When do I receive a tax receipt for my recurring gift? 
All Cornerstone Members receive a tax receipt before tax season for your total amount of giving for the previous year (01/01/-12/31).  If you have questions, please contact Kim at (425)372-7533 (direct) or  Let Kim know if you want more frequent receipts than this once a year receipt.

Are my Cornerstone gifts eligible for matching gifts through my employer? 
Yes!  If your employer matches employee gifts to non-profits, your recurring gift to KidVantage will be eligible.  Check with your employer and contact Kim at (425)372-7533 (direct) or

When can I start to use my member offerings? 
Immediately, the moment you confirm your recurring gift through this form you can access your member offerings.  If you have questions, contact Kim at (425)372-7533 (direct) or

Is my Cornerstone Membership ongoing or just for a year?
Your Cornerstone Membership is ongoing, as long as your recurring gift is active.

How does the Thrive special seating for Cornerstone Members work?
If you decide to attend our annual Helping Kids Thrive Benefit Luncheon (free to attend luncheon, for more information check out our Thrive event page), we will contact you to see if you would like to be seated with a staff, volunteer, or board member.