KidVantage & Kirkland Police Department Helps Mom Get Car Seats

In an encouraging snapshot of community collaboration, KidVantage recently was able to help a Kirkland Police Officer ensure the safety of a local family.

The officer’s concern was sparked while helping a mother of 4 children load groceries into her car.  It became apparent that 3 of the 4 young children did not have a car seats, and the youngest was uncomfortably squeezed into an infant bucket car seat that was obviously too small.  Recognizing the need to keep these kids safe, the police officer promised the mother he would find car seats for the children and be in contact soon.

This is where KidVantage stepped in.  Thanks to our partnership with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, we were able to quickly give the officer 4 brand new seats that would fit each child and keep them safe on the road.

KidVantage has been committed to the safety of children and has 4 staff members who are Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST).  The KidVantage CPTS do outreach in the community like hosting events where parents can have their children’s car seats inspected for correct installation and proper fit.

Last year, KidVantage distributed over 2,500+ car seats to families across Central Puget Sound.  We are so proud of the work that the staff do to ensure children’s safety, and their commitment to making sure that kids who do receive a car seat from KidVantage are getting one that’s the right fit, avoiding car seat misuse.

Want more information on car seat safety? Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations website.