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Children, and expectant moms, were helped one or more times in 2022


Diaper changes in 2022

Keeping infants and toddlers clean, dry, and healthy is key to building a solid foundation for all children to reach their potential.


of all received requests were met in 2022

KidVantage is reliable, keeping our promise to agency partners and families to provide the essentials kids need to thrive, day in and day out.

Join us, and Spring Into Action for Kids!

This March we are launching a campaign asking you, our community, to consider monthly giving.  Regular and reliable gifts throughout the year makes our services reliable for kids.  We are able to plan larger, and more cost-efficient diaper orders or buy formula when it is available.  Together we keep our promise to vulnerable kids to get them what they need, when they need it. We hope you will join us!

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15,000 Kids Reached in 2022

Last year we saw increased numbers in all areas of service, reflecting a large and growing need in the community.

  • 1,916,633 Diapers
  • 12,326 Big Bundles (clothing for a week)
  • 6,181 Cans of Formula
  • 2,008 Car Seats

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Eastside Baby Corner is now KidVantage

We are excited to announce our new name, KidVantage. After 32 years under the name “Eastside Baby Corner” (“EBC”), we have expanded our reach and grown our impact. While our mission remains the same (helping kids reach their full potential tomorrow by meeting their basic needs today), our geography and our beneficiary are now greater. We are no longer simply serving the “Eastside”, and we now benefit more than just “Babies” as we collect goods for children up to the age of 12. As our founder, Karen Ridlon says, “If I had known 32 years ago how we were going to grow, I would never have named it ‘Eastside Baby Corner.'” Our new name allows us to grow our mission more than ever before.